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gallery of the streets

Gallery of the Streets is an evolving network of artists, activists, organizers, scholars, cultural workers, and community supporters committed to exploring radical possibilities within Black geographies. Existing at the intersections of art, education, direct action organizing and movement-building, we fuse public art and community engagement. Our approach includes convenings, political education, and experiential engagement in solidarity with the issues and demands of our Movement(s).


Using Black Feminist Theory as a point of departure, we work from a principle of “revolutionary nomadism” to create temporary site-specific installations and performances that are rooted in community collaboration and democratic processes. Communities who are directly impacted by policies and practices of structural oppression work together to conceptualize and produce surrealist "visual" opera--ambitious works that interweave visual art, found objects, sound, music, movement, ritual and narrative to confront systemic power, provoke democratic dialogue, and cultivate sustainable spaces.


As artists committed to fundamental social change, Gallery of the Streets is attempting a “praxis of imagination” to engage the tricky terrain of how art can be a means of enacting social change. We are currently experimenting with models that are rooted in queer Black feminist thought, prison industrial complex abolition, and international solidarity and movement-building. The theories we draw from are in opposition to white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, heteropatriarchy. We are navigating the in-between space of an “art industrial complex” and survival. In this sense, our work aims to encourage intersectional organizing and movement-building.

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